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Climb Strong · Train Hard · Eat Smart


Offers a unique facility that

Inspires healthy living and well-being and

Brings together a climbing community

At Beta Bloc, we believe everyone has an inner climber and we want to help you embrace him or her. Our 14,000 square foot climbing gym is the first and only in the West Island of Montreal. Here, you can climb on your own or with friends as you get fit and have fun working through the many bouldering problems on our 15 ft. walls. When you’re done, you can relax with fellow climbers over healthy snacks and beverages in our cafe area.

We look forward to climbing with you!



Bouldering is a fun and safe way to climb that requires no rope, no harness, and no specific training to begin. Beta Bloc offers a variety of climbing problems, catering to beginners and seasoned climbers alike. You can rest assured that our safety mats are there to catch you when you fall.

What do you need to get started? It’s pretty simple: bring some comfortable sport clothes and a desire to push your limits. We rent climbing shoes and chalk bags if you don’t have your own.

Before hitting the walls, every climber will need to first fill out our waiver. You can do this online to save time, or fill it out at the gym. Anyone under the age of 18 will need a parent or a legal guardian to sign their waiver form. Once the waiver is done online, it is automatically sent to the gym.


Children at Beta Bloc

Even though we do not offer birthday parties or group activities for children, we encourage parents to come with their children to climb as a family as long as the following guidelines are respected:

6 years old and under: We ask that they be accompanied at all time by an adult who doesn’t climb with the ratio of 1 child for 1 adult.

7 to 9 years old: We ask that they be accompanied by an adult with the ratio of 1 child for 1 adult. We allow the adult to climb however we ask that the child stays seated on the benches while the adult climbs.

10 to 12 years old: We allow that the children be accompanied by adults with the ratio of 2 children for 1 adult. The adult is allowed to climb.

We work hard on creating a climbing experience that suits small and tall people alike. However, depending on the height of your children, they might be limited in the amount of climbing problems available to them.

Anyone under the age of 18 will need a parent or a legal guardian to sign their waiver before they are allowed to climb. The waiver can be filled out at home by following this link.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the gym before coming!

​S​port Concentration​ - school programs​

Beta Bloc is proud to partner with École secondaire Des-Sources, John Rennie High School, and École secondaire du Chêne-Bleu and offer a sport concentration program to their students. This joint program will provide student athletes with 15 hours of climbing training per week. All participating students will become members of the Beta Bloc competition team and will participate in the Fédération Québécoise de la Montagne et de l’Escalade (FQME) competition circuit. This program will begin in September 2017.

Day passes

Passes Price
Day Pass $16.50
Student day pass $15
Child day pass* $12
Early bird** $14
10 punch pass $150
10 punch pass student $135
20 punch pass $280
20 punch pass student $250

* For children 12 and under

** Before 2pm on weekdays


Item Price
Climbing shoes 5$
Chalk bag 2$


Prepayed Price
1 month trial + gear * $40
3 month $220
3 month student $180
6 month $380
6 month student $315
12 month $680
12 month student $570
12 month child ** $450
12 month family *** $1480
Monthly Price
12 month $60 per month
12 month student $50 per month
12 month child ** $40 per month
12 month family *** $130 per month

* Family membership for 2 adults and 1 child*

** For children 12 and under

*** Family membership for 3 people including a child


Day Time
Monday 11h-23h
Tuesday 11h-23h
Wednesday 11h-23h
Thurday 11h-23h
Friday 11h-23h
Saturday 9h-21h
Sunday 9h-21h

Prices and schedule are subject to change without prior notice

Prices do not include taxes



Beta Bloc is the brain-child of four young and passionate entrepreneurs who were determined to open a climbing gym in the West Island.

We are motivated by the desire to share our love of the sport with others, build a strong climbing community, and help make climbing accessible to everyone.

Climbing has helped each of us to get through tough times in our lives. It has taught us to push our limits, aim higher, become stronger, and always continue to grow.

It is a well-rounded sport that will make you work both physically and mentally, which is why we all fell in love with it. Give Beta Bloc a try, and we’ll help you fall in love with it too!


Contact us for more information.


2180 Hymus Boulevard, Dorval, QC


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